Meet Baby Findee

I’ve known for a while that my heart is ready to love another betta. I tried to get adopted the other day but it didn’t happen. (In case you don’t know – Finley adopted me, not the other way around, I was just stopping to look at the pretty fish while buying some cat food.)

Last night I tried again. I knew I wanted a lighter color betta and preferably one with a different kind of tail than Finley (veiltail). For the second time I really wasn’t making a connection with any of the bettas – it just wasn’t looking like it was going to happen, so I tried to find another betta display in the store. I walked around to one of the side displays that I hadn’t looked at yet. This one had a sign that said “baby bettas”. The TINIEST little things you ever did see. They were so cute. But not for me – I was there for an adult male.

I turned to walk away and something caught my eye.

In the very bottom cup on the baby betta rack was a tiny little streak of blue that was freaking out about my dark blue jeans. She was just absolutely going wild trying to get my attention. So I kneeled down to look at her and our eyes met… and she adopted me.

She is absolutely the sweetest little thing. Curious about everything. So eager. Very athletic. Here are a few more pics of her. She has bright blue lips!! Looks like she’s wearing lipstick. She’s actually a teal color in the light (camera flash), although she looks blue in just regular light – can you believe those two pictures below are of the same fish!

You just know when a betta adopts you – I don’t know how to explain it. There was a teal and black male I had tried to connect with both times and it just didn’t happen. A tiny baby female… not what I expected, or wanted. I feel like I’m starting all over again – I know nothing about female bettas. Or baby bettas. And that’s scary.

Of course I’ve heard things about the females- mostly that they live in what’s known as a “sorority tank” with multiple other girl bettas, so my first thought was that I would just get a few more girl bettas and start a sorority. But I picked one out and put their cups next to each other and Findee was very aggressive so I decided just to keep her solo. Now that I’ve started learning about them I know it was probably because the other girl was much bigger than her – whoops! #FirstTimeFemaleBettaOwner

I’m really freaked out by how tiny she is anyway so I just want to raise her by herself until she’s a little bigger and then I’ll consider moving her to a bigger tank and starting a sorority. I got a small 2.5 gallon tank to start her out in – no filter for now because I think she’s small enough that she could get sucked through the intake bars of some of them. I’ve heard that you can put pantyhose over the intake to prevent that, so I may end up doing that – depending on how fast she grows. Here is her tank:

I got her the little sunken treasure chest because she’s my little sunken treasure. 🙂 She’s very curious and has inspected absolutely everything in there. Last night she slept inside the treasure chest – didn’t come out for hours. I will get her more decor and whatnot soon too.

Whether or not I do the sorority will mostly just depend on how she is – if I feel like she’s lonely or not. I spent most of the evening after buying her reading about females and sororities. There was a comment on by Witchipoo that really struck me: “Sororities are stressful, on you, on the fish. Bettas evolved as solitary, highly territorial fish. If you’re prepared to watch them 24-7, treat torn fins, watch while one or two wither and die while hiding from stress and go through constant bickering and fighting then yeah, go ahead with a sorority. I did. I have been keeping bettas off and on for 40 years. Mine lasted about three months and now i have a dozen tanks from separating the ones that were too dominant or got too badly injured to stay in the sorority.” That… does not sound like something I want to do. I don’t mind keeping her by herself, or maybe getting her a snail to keep her company.

One of the great parts about bettas wanting to be solo is that they are wholly yours. Watching videos of female sorority tanks, it was much more like general fishkeeping. Sure, they are a unique breed with unique attributes, but ultimately it was an aquarium. I didn’t get the feeling of a connection between any of the bettas and the person – it wasn’t the dog-type relationship that I love having with a betta. But I’m not ruling it out, the bettas in the sorority videos I watched looked very happy, I’m just not leaning towards it at the moment – that wasn’t the only report I found of sororities needing a lot of watching to break up fights.

I took her first measurement this morning: 14/16ths of an inch. Not even a whole inch!! I will continue measuring her daily and eventually post a baby betta growth chart – stay tuned!

Is there anything you would like to see me do with baby Findee as she grows? She seems very smart – I’m excited to start training her. Leave a comment below or send me an email at Melanie @ with your thoughts!












Have a swimming day!

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