How to Keep a Cat Away from a Fish Tank

As you may know, Mom has a cat for some unknown reason. The cat is very jealous of me and tries to intimidate¬†me. That’s how I ended up on Mom’s desk in the first place. I used to be on the counter, but the cat would jump up and sit next to my tank and it stressed me out so much that I kept getting sick. Since the cat’s not allowed on Mom’s desk, she thought I’d be safe here. However, there have been some signs that the cat has been on the desk during the night, so Mom came up with a new plan to protect me.

If a cat is scratching a couch, you put a piece of double-sided tape over the area because cats hate the feeling of tape, so they’ll stop scratching there and eventually the tape can be removed. Mom decided to try the same principal for me and covered the top of the desk by my tank with clear packing tape with the sticky side up and the ends turned under to hold each piece in place. As you can see, she ran out of the packing tape though and had to use a little Scotch tape as well.

Sure enough, in the morning there was a furry footprint.

However, there was only the one footprint, which means that the cat jumped down almost as soon as it jumped up.


Even better, it’s been over a¬†week and the cat hasn’t been back since! It worked!!!! Since then the tape has been removed and all is back to normal.

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