Betta Fish Fun: Hair Ties!

As you may know, Finley’s tank used to be on my desk. One day while I was sitting there, I took the hair tie out of my ponytail and tossed it onto the desk. It happened to land near Finley’s tank. And I happened to notice him get excited about it… He dove towards the hair tie and inspected it with great curiosity! He wasn’t flaring or bothered by it in any way, just very clearly intrigued. So, I immediately went to get more hair ties, took out the video camera, and this is what happened:

After that, Finley I began to givr him hair ties often. I started leaving them next to the tank when we’re not playing with them and he inspects them at his leisure. Sometimes I arrange them in patterns for him. Hair ties became one of Finley’s favorite things in the world, so much so that when I took him to the vet one time, I brought some for him and set them next to his travel carrier and he was so pleased.

If you would like to try this with your own fish, you can get some multicolored packs of hair ties at the Dollar Tree for $1. Do not actually put the hair ties in the tank though since they could leach chemicals or dyes into the water.

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