Betta Fish Fun: Floating Blueberries

I was trying to think of what could be a good floating ball for Finley, and then it hit me – blueberries! As it turns out, Finley absolutely hated the floating blueberries, but maybe your fish will like it better than Finley does. Blue was never one of Finley’s favorite colors. I’m not sure if raspberries float, but if they do, they probably would have been a betta choice for Finley (since he loves red for obvious reasons).

Here’s how to make this happen:

  1. Get a packet of blueberries, preferably organic ones.
  2. Rinse the blueberries thoroughly using plain warm water – no soap or Veggie wash.
  3. Fill a cup with water.
  4. Drop the blueberries in the cup.
  5. Pick out one or two of the floating blueberries.
  6. Get your fish’s attention so you don’t startle it, then gently put the blueberry in their tank.
  7. Watch your fish as they inspect the blueberry. If they are still flaring at it after 5 minutes, take it out of their tank so you don’t stress them out. If they don’t flare at it, you can leave it in for a while. (No longer than a couple hours or it might soften and start to decompose.)
  8. Pour out the water from the cup, and eat the sunken blueberries. 🙂
  9. Leave a comment to tell us how it went!

Here’s a video of Finley getting a blueberry – it gets caught in the filter current, which he seems to like better than when it’s floating on the surface. Sorry the video is so dark!

Try this out with your betta and leave a comment below on how they react!

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