Betta Fish DIY Tank Lid

As I mentioned in my first post, the stupid cat drank from my bowl water, so Mom got me an actual aquarium so she could put a lid on it. My tank needed a special kind of lid that would allow air through (I’m an air-breathing fish), but still work to keep the cat out and keep me in (Bettas are jumpers), while also being easily modified for our unique needs (an air-breathing plant that needed to come out the top of my tank).

The answer: plastic sewing canvas ($3 at Walmart in-store or through Amazon for $6).

Mom used the lid that came with the tank to measure it, and cut it to same size. She cut a hole out of one corner for the plant to fit through.

She cut three sides of a square in another area of the lid to create a hatch where she could easily drop food in the tank and tied a ribbon/string to the hatch to use as a door handle. It was a lot prettier with the ribbon, but the cat thought the ribbon was interesting, so we switched to string.
Lid door

It works perfectly!

The plastic sewing canvas packet had three 10×18 inch sheets in it. With just one piece, Mom was able to make two lids, plus have a bunch of pieces still left over to use for hammocks or other fun things. Sweet deal for $3! And the lids work perfectly. She makes different ones depending on what is needed when she rearranges my tank sometimes (if the food hatch needs to be in a different location or if the plant moves.) She also has another design in the works that we will post about later. The thing on the top right of the lid in the picture is my hammock, which is also tied onto the lid with string.

There has never been a problem with the food hatch working. In fact, having the food hatch allows me to know exactly where to go to eat. It also gives me a way to let Mom know when I’m hungry (I float under the food hatch, staring at it.) I get a little confused at first when she switches lids and the food hatch is in a new spot, but I catch on quick.

The whole thing is sturdy; it holds itself up. There is a flimsier type of plastic sewing canvas, but Mom got the most stiff one on purpose. I’m sure that if the cat tried to sit on the tank, we’d have problems, but thankfully that hasn’t happened. If needed, Mom could probably cut a few thin wood slats (or rather, ask the guys at Home Depot to cut them for her) to lay across the top of the tank as braces and then put the plastic canvas on top of that. Hopefully we never need to use that idea though.

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