Finley B. (the “B.” stands for “betta”) was my first betta fish.

Finley Hello CropHe was so amazing that I decided to start a blog about him. Because of him, I have learned so much about bettas and want to share that information. I also started coming up with new DIYs and ideas to give Finley the best life possible and wanted to share those as well.

Unfortunately, Finley is no longer with me. However, blogging about betta fish is truly a passion for me and I still have a lot of great content about Finley that I haven’t published yet, plus more that I can do with just the knowledge he’s given me. Now I also have a new betta, Findee, who is helping me produce lots of great new content as well.

(P.S.: My name is MelanieĀ šŸ™‚ )

Have a swimming day!

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